Working hard for you…

We’d like to provide some information, reassurance, and instructions regarding your waste collections during this new Level 5 lockdown.

The waste collection continues to be an essential public service and our frontline crews remain out each day. They are working very hard, amid extremely challenging conditions and increased volumes, to ensure this service continues for you.

So, we’d like to reassure all our customers that it’s business as usual for…

✅   Household Collections
Commercial Collections
✅   Skip Delivery & Collection
✅   Junk Collection (Galway)
✅   Recycling Centre (Galway)

We’ve taken all of the appropriate safety precautions at our end. However, there are a few specific areas where we need your help to reduce the potential for cross-contamination.

HSE guidelines on handling your waste at this time:

  • Please put your bin(s) out the evening before your collection day
  • Handles and lids of bins should be wiped down before and after collection
  • Tissues, wipes, masks, gloves, etc. should be placed in the general waste (grey) bin

In the event you have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case at your home:

  1. Double bag all waste and tie bags securely
  2. Put aside for 72 hours
  3. After that, the bags should be placed in the general waste (grey) bin only


We may also need to stagger our crew start times, so you may see us arrive at a different time of the day than normal. However, if for any reason we cannot complete a collection our customer centre team (now all working from home) will let you know.

We hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

The Flying Bin Logo

TCBC Trucks Top

In 1997, when The City Bin Co. opened for business it had one truck, two customers, four bins, and a really eye-catching logo.

At that time, it was hard to imagine why a waste collection provider needed branding of any kind. This type of business just collected garbage. Waste collectors didn’t have to advertise, they didn’t have retail stores and their trucks were big, ugly and smelly. Nobody needed to know who these firms were as they were passing by. People just wanted them to collect their waste and move on.

However, Gene Browne, founder of The City Bin Co. had a different idea. He had a well thought out plan to change the public’s perception and also the way that companies within the sector were doing their job. He set out to shake up the image of the waste and recycling industry and achieved this goal in a very short time. He wanted people to think ‘service not waste’.

How? Through innovation, creative branding and an understanding that the public could, and should, receive a higher level of service with their rubbish collection. And the best way to lead is by example.


The ‘Flying Bin’ logo was one of the first important steps in Gene’s plan to reinvent the industry’s way of engaging with the customer. Gene knew the benefits of branding and had a logo that stood beside the best of the multinational companies. So, Gene commissioned a Galway design studio to come up with something…a bit different. The result was the ‘Flying Bin’.

The City Bin Co.’s logo is instantly identifiable; a red bin with white wings and a black outline. The logo is an animated image of a flying bin with the name of the company in a simple red font to the left. It is simple and easy to spot. The logo, through its simplicity, has a subtle meaning of a company that is always moving forward.

Despite trends in design and marketing over the past twenty years, the ‘Flying Bin’ has remained unchanged, and The City Bin Co. brand has now become a household name. That ‘Flying Bin’ is immediately recognisable, whether on the side of a truck, on the front of the distinctive red bin, or simply drawn by a young fan! More and more customers and non-customers of The City Bin Co. associate the logo with excellent customer service.

Thinking ‘service’ not ‘waste’? #JobDone!

Customer Service, Measured!

Everything The City Bin Co. does is customer-centric. Decisions are taken with the customer in mind and systems are designed to facilitate great customer service. Customer feedback is communicated across the company from the CEO to the staff on the trucks who empty the bins.

That’s why we need a method for systematically measuring customer satisfaction and benchmarking ourselves against other companies. After looking at various options and running annual satisfaction surveys, it was decided that we would start using the Net Promoter Score to measure, analyse, and drive service improvements on a continuous basis.

The Net Promoter System is a management philosophy, a way of running a business. As a Net Promoter company, we are committed to specific processes and systems that help The City Bin Co. focus on earning the loyalty of both our customers and employees. Loyal, passionate customers use our excellent service longer, contribute with valuable suggestions, and share favourable comments with family, friends, and colleagues. Loyal, passionate employees love working here, come up with new ideas, and regularly go the extra mile to delight our customers. The Net Promoter Score allows us to measures loyalty and drives change across the company. However, implementing a Net Promoter system isn’t easy. It is a continuous process that requires commitment. The Net Promoter approach defines the cultural values that affect every aspect of a company’s business system and competitive strategy.


At The City Bin Co., you will find an in-house team member who manages the system and constantly analyses customers’ feedback. Detractors (those who answer 6 or less to the question: How likely are you to recommend The City Bin Co. to a neighbour, friend, or colleague?) are contacted immediately and the reason why that customer rated us low is addressed quickly. Special attention is also given to passive customers (those who rate us 7 or 8) and we are constantly looking for clues in their answers that would help us improve the service so they will experience an improvement in the service.

The power of NPS is not based on how high you scored on your first NPS survey, but on the subsequent impact, it has on employees becoming focused on improving the score. An increase in NPS score means you are getting more referrals and higher customer satisfaction. And that is a massive motivational factor. The City Bin Co. surveys a sample of customers monthly so we can continually address any issues and improve the company’s processes to deliver a better service.


And with a score that regularly exceeds 60 – we’re in pretty good company!