Our Top Household Recycling Tips

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Not exactly sure which bin your household item belongs in?
Don’t worry we’ve got you sorted with our household recycling guide!

With everyone spending more time at home, our recycling bins have become fuller and there is often some confusion about what exactly goes in each of our three bins: general waste, organic waste, and recycling bin. We have compiled a list of the top household items we get queries about to answer your questions quickly.

Dirty cans & plastic bottles

These should all be put cleaned out and put into the recycling bin. If an item in the recycling bin is heavily soiled/dirty, it will contaminate the whole bin.


We cannot accept glass of any kind in the recycling or general waste bins, so glass items will need to be taken to a local bottle bank.

Plastic caps

With advancements in recycling technology, there is no longer a need to remove plastic caps from bottles before recycling. Now it’s easier than ever to recycle those plastic bottles!

Pizza boxes

Ah, the pizza box! One that causes confusion for sure.

Depending on where you get your pizza, many pizza boxes are now compostable, meaning you can put it in the organic (brown) bin. Otherwise, if your pizza box is not soiled, you can put it in the recycling bin. If your pizza box is soiled, and not compostable, you will need to put it in the general waste bin.

Aluminium foil

If it’s clean, absolutely it can be recycled! But soiled, aluminium foil will need to be put in the general waste bin.

We also tested some of the Connacht Rugby players on their household recycling skills.
Let’s see how they got on!

Just remember, all items in the recycling bin should be clean, dry & loose.