365 Unpacked

Born in Lille in 1979, Antoine Repessé is a self-taught photographer. While working initially in public institutions, in 2012 he started freelancing. He joins the photo agency Lightmotiv where he produces for major press agencies including Le Monde, Elle, Marianne, L’Express, Géo, Causette. At the end of 2015 he leaves the agency to join the collective Views Co.

He embarked on personal projects around photojournalism inspired from socio-political issues. His travels from Lille to Romania, resulting in the production of “Bienvenue chez les Roms”, to India, and Mali with the NGO Acauped take him to further horizons.

His latest project, “365 Unpacked” is the result of all of the above. The questioning of a major society issue: the production of waste on a daily basis.