Jazz Pharmaceuticals: The Science of Sustainability

Jazz Pharmaceuticals is an anchor tenant in the main building occupying a number of floors at Waterloo Exchange. The corporate headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland, with offices spanning the globe from Vancouver to Italy. Jazz is committed to creating a company where the culture reflects three important goals – their purpose to serve patients, be a great place to work, and to live the core values of integrity, collaboration, passion, innovation, and pursuit of excellence.



Why start on this sustainability journey?

Being an anchor tenant in this building Jazz Pharmaceuticals immediately engaged in the Earth Day vision for the building in conjunction with the building manager Martin Carroll of Knight Frank. Knight Frank enjoyed a successful Earth Day last year with another one of the Davy portfolio at 45 Mespil Road Dublin 4. Alison O Neill (Head of Property and Facility Services) introduced The City Bin Co. to the Estate Manager Martin Carroll as they felt a different approach to waste management was possible

The journey within this building started from the time they moved in to consistently innovating change in relation to how waste in handled onsite. Stephen Bateson (Global Workplace Manager, Jazz Pharmaceuticals) and his team have created real change in their workplace to avoid unnecessary waste. In working with The City Bin Co. they have been able to identify clear ways of reducing waste.

Some of these initiatives for change were…

  • A town hall meeting was arranged in January 2022 with both the corporate tenants in the building along with the high street traders. The key focus of this meeting was to get agreement for a way forward from all parties that this needed to change and everyone needed to take personal responsibility for their own waste streams.
  • Removing black sacks from the cleaning process.
  • A solution was found to repurpose old IT equipment.
  • Knowing exactly where their bins are and only using recycling, glass and organic bins.
  • The removal of desk bins and replacing them with pods of bins on each floor.
  • The use of ‘paper only’ recycling bins for all shredded waste.
  • If fruit is left over on a Friday, staff are encouraged to bring it home rather than dump it.

What was done & by whom?

Stephen Bateson (Jazz Pharmaceuticals Global Workplace Manager) and his team.

The results?

  • Plastic bottled water is no longer used onsite as all staff now have reusable water containers. This has saved over 5,000 plastic bottles last year alone.
  • With the exception of wipes and face masks due to Covid, all waste now is either recycled, or disposed of as organic waste.
  • Awareness to the team of how to, and why to, recycle

What next?

  • To share these successes and future goals internally, and to see how these achievements can be replicated across the other locations.
  • To maintain the standard they have achieved and measure against this on a quarterly basis
  • To continue to share their story with their customers.