Our Waste & Recycling Centre is open to the public who can visit it to drop off general, recycling and electrical waste. Our Vehicle Weighbridge is open to both Public & Business Customers.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm (Open during lunch) / Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays


  • Only 1 person to exit the car for paying
  • If you prefer, you can remain in your car & we’ll remove the items for you
  • Only 1 customer in the office at a time
  • Mask must be worn at all times in the office
  • Please give staff and other customers 2m space as per HSE guidelines
  • Contactless payment preferred
  • Sanitiser on site for customers

Our Waste & Recycling Centre in Oranmore is open to the public for 6 days.

  • Bring your Bin, Bag, Car, Trailer, Van or Truck and empty your general waste & recycling
  • Now open later on Saturdays to 5 pm
  • Bulky items (mattresses etc.) taken
  • On-site help for heavy loads
  • Ease of access
  • Contact: 1800 24 89 24 or Email: transferstation@citybin.com

Our Vehicle Weighbridge is open to both Public & Business Customers.

  • NSAI Approved weighbridge for Vehicles up to 60 Tonnes
  • Weighing service for Motortax.ie, RSA, CVRT & VRT
  • Legally Recognised for any local authority area in Ireland
  • Contact: 1800 24 89 24 or Email: weighbridge@citybin.com

Waste Disposal Prices

Payment methods accepted: Cash | Credit Cards | Debit Cards. (All prices inc. VAT @ 13.5% / minimum charge for disposal €4). 

 Boot Load €15.00

 Car Load €25.00

 Single Mattress €20.00

 Double Mattress €25.00

 Single Bulky Item €15.00

 Bulk Loads €0.24/ Kg

 1 General Waste Bag €4.00

 1 Recycling Bag €2.00

 1 General Waste & 1 Recycling Bag €5.00


Items which cannot be accepted include: 

Asbestos, Contaminated Soils, Tyres or Gas Cylinders


If you are unsure about any item for disposal please call us on 1800 24 89 24.