3 Great Reasons To Fill A Skip!

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When you get into spring-cleaning mode, it’s normally time to say goodbye to some unwanted clutter and fill a skip! By learning to let go of unwanted items in your home your space becomes cleaner, and your mind becomes clearer.

So, apart from the obvious benefits of a good clear-out, we’ve identified 3 other benefits to consider!


Gets You Organised & Focused – Putting on the gloves and clearing out the unused and unwanted items in your home, garden and shed helps to get super organised. When our living environment is more orderly we tend to be more focused which allows us to make better decisions on everything.

Gets You in Shape – If losing weight and getting fit is on your agenda, a deep spring-cleaning will certainly start the ball rolling. All that lifting will get the right muscles moving. Spring cleaning is not just a chore, it’s a commitment to an end goal and cleaning out the mess in your life. As a plus you will be actively exercising as you do so. If you really find that you love it, you can always volunteer to tidy up the neighbour’s home! Put your safety first. But be sure to always ask for help moving big or heavy items or climbing up ladders.

Makes You Happy & Healthy! – The act of cleaning is considered by many experts to be therapeutic and relaxing.  Life’s little negativities and stresses can become nonexistent while spring-cleaning. What may appear to be a chore is actually a great stress reliever. Tidying guru Marie Kondo has developed an entire business on how to defeat clutter and discover what sparks joy!

So, put a smile on your face today, spark some joy and hire a skip!

Introducing The City Bin Co. Junior Crew

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It happened quietly. First one, then another. Then we started getting notes from parents. And more notes and more until it became apparent…

Kids really, really love bin trucks.

They love the sound, the size, the uniform of the crew, and the regularity. They wait by their windows and doors every collection day, anticipating the growl of the truck as it enters their estate and, weather-permitting, they line up outside to pay tribute to their heroes.

Our fans in action



By way of an example, here’s some of the notes we’ve received…

“The crew on that route today made my toddler’s day when they all waved at him while he was watching them – he’s at that loving big trucks stage.”

“I have two children, ages 4 and 2 and they wait ‘somewhat’ patiently all week to see your red truck coming up our road! Your crew on our road is so friendly and lovely and they never forget the two waving kids on our doorstep every week! Words can’t describe the excitement when the kids hear the truck arriving and it makes his whole week to get a wave from the guys and even a ‘beep beep’ from the truck! He spends the entire week telling everyone about it.”

“Your field team on the trucks always have a wave and beep of the horn when my kids excitedly see them pull up (5 years ago with child 1 and now with child 2) and are always friendly. We genuinely open the front door and let my son watch them roll by every Monday because that’s his biggest action item of the week in his little life.”

The Science Behind the Fascination

But we can’t take all the credit for this (even though we do take a huge amount of pride in it!) – there seems to be some real science behind it as we discovered in this article by TheAtlantic.com. It turns out that various factors contribute to this fascination.

First is routine. Kids love routine and typically the collection schedule happens at the same time every week. Secondly, children frequently think of the truck as an enormous living creature— “It has lights and those look like eyes, so suddenly it’s got a face,”. Thirdly, trucks are loud, properly loud – and kids mimic these noises with their own toys. For many, it’s as if a Transformer has turned up at their house! The fascination goes as far as having a YouTuber called Blippi (I’m not sharing the link!) rack up about 31.8m views for his song about garbage trucks.

So, what can we do?

With all these emails, notes, and photos, we figured we had better find a way to repay this fandom.

Kid Anim 2

So, we created City Bin Juniors (CBJ) as a way to say ‘thank you’ to all those who take the time to show appreciation to our crews. We developed a new logo, a t-shirt, bag, fridge magnet, and some other pieces depending on the age. And having done a test batch it looks like we’ll be heading back to the suppliers for more pretty soon!

For now, the best way to get your hands on a pack is to head over to our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages where we have a competition to give away some of these packs. So, if your little bin truck fan wants to join the CBJ crew – check out the competition!

And keep waving – it makes our day!