3 Great Reasons To Fill A Skip!

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When you get into spring-cleaning mode, it’s normally time to say goodbye to some unwanted clutter and fill a skip! By learning to let go of unwanted items in your home your space becomes cleaner, and your mind becomes clearer.

So, apart from the obvious benefits of a good clear-out, we’ve identified 3 other benefits to consider!


Gets You Organised & Focused – Putting on the gloves and clearing out the unused and unwanted items in your home, garden and shed helps to get super organised. When our living environment is more orderly we tend to be more focused which allows us to make better decisions on everything.

Gets You in Shape – If losing weight and getting fit is on your agenda, a deep spring-cleaning will certainly start the ball rolling. All that lifting will get the right muscles moving. Spring cleaning is not just a chore, it’s a commitment to an end goal and cleaning out the mess in your life. As a plus you will be actively exercising as you do so. If you really find that you love it, you can always volunteer to tidy up the neighbour’s home! Put your safety first. But be sure to always ask for help moving big or heavy items or climbing up ladders.

Makes You Happy & Healthy! – The act of cleaning is considered by many experts to be therapeutic and relaxing.  Life’s little negativities and stresses can become nonexistent while spring-cleaning. What may appear to be a chore is actually a great stress reliever. Tidying guru Marie Kondo has developed an entire business on how to defeat clutter and discover what sparks joy!

So, put a smile on your face today, spark some joy and hire a skip!