Tiglin’s ‘shining’ example

TIGLIN provides assistance to those in need. From 28 Pearse Street and operating a 7 day a week day service onsite looking after the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our community while offer food to take away to  over two hundred meals  to people in homelessness, poverty & addiction. A lot of the donations come on a daily basis by the wonderful people at Foodcloud.

We first made contact with Tiglin when a tweet was picked up by our marketing team. Tiglin had huge frustrations with the cost of their waste and how it was being handled. Small bins, all general waste, being contaminated by the public was a particular recurring problem. The City Bin Co.’s John Farrell went to meet the front man of this organisation Ger Ganly and discussed how we could help them to take a more sustainable approach with their waste management. 

The result is that The Light House now has bins that are fit for purpose, with locks on them that people can’t ‘flytip’ into anymore. They have also added a compost bin to help with the segregation of this waste. The team is committed to their Earth Day Pledge and as a result of our work here, Tiglin have engaged with The City Bin Co. across all their sites.

Ger Ganley – A Unique Perspective

My name is Gerard Ganley and I have the unique opportunity of working and helping two amazing charities called Tiglin Challenge & Dublin Christian Mission. Tiglin Challenge & Dublin Christian Mission have services that help people who are disadvantaged and often crippled by addiction, homelessness, mental health issues. Dublin Christian Mission is mainly based in Dublin and Tiglin has services in Dublin, Wicklow & Kildare. 

We recently had a waste management/collection issue at one of our premises and our Chairman Aubrey Mc Carthy reached out to waste management companies via social media twitter to ask for help. The City Bin Co. and particularly John Farrell (Client Innovation Manager) got back in contact with us to help and during our conversations John and the company have agreed to support us and help us with reducing our general waste and become much more greener to the environment. When I first discussed about trying to reduce waste, damage to environment and costs it was a no brainer to take this support and help. 

This opportunity to reduce, recycle waste and be friendlier to society made me think of when I was 14 years old and losing my father and taking the wrong road that was leading to many wasted years of drug addiction. For many of those years I was very often told by others that I was a waster, I believed most times that I was a waster and felt like a piece of rubbish. From the age of 14 years old to the age of 28 years old I lived for drugs, my life was controlled and consumed by drugs and alcohol. I was a chronic heroin and crack cocaine addict at a young age of 22 years old. Life became more and more of a mess as the years rolled on and at age 28 years old I had became homeless on the streets of Dublin, and life was extremely difficult. I had decided through the help of a few individuals that I would get treatment and seek help. I went to a similar program as Tiglin and found a life beyond addiction thank God. Throughout the years since completing that residential program I’ve completed 2 higher diplomas, a degree, got married and have three beautiful children. I’ve worked helping those who have been crippled by addiction and who feel that their life is wasting away or like my own story maybe feel like a piece of rubbish. I never in my wildest dreams thought that my life could be changed and that I could become very useful in life. 

It’s amazing to see how waste can be recycled and used again. And a similarity of what was once waste or useless can be useful again!


If you would like more information on the Zero Project, please contact John Farrell, The City Bin Co. email john@citybin.com

Fold Housing’s Zero Pledge

FOLD Housing provides apartments and houses for older people and families. In addition, the Association provides supported housing with 24 hour care for frail and older people.

FOLD Housing enhances the quality of life for many people in the community by providing a unique combination of accommodation and associated service options. These include: Housing-with-Care and day care for frail older people and people with dementia; sheltered housing; and general needs accommodation for families.

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The Fold Housing Team

We met with the Fold Housing Team earlier this year to investigate a better more inclusive way to recycle. We focused on two brand new developments in the Citywest part of Dublin namely Cuil Duin and The Mews. Both sites cater for approximately 25 units.

Karen Murphy is the Estate manager that introduced us to her team and worked with The City Bin Co.’s John Farrell to find a better and more cost-effective way to handle their waste.

  • We are currently testing the use of organic bin caddies in all of the units along with the use of a recycling bag to move waste
    from each unit to the bin stores.
  • The bin stores now have a general waste bin, a recycling bin, an organic bin and a glass bin.
  • All bin stores have clear signage that show what can go into each bin.
  • The difference is now significant with binstores achieving over 40% less general waste in the bins.
  • The opportunity to recycle has been embraced by all of the teams and is proving to be a big success.

The adoption of the Earth Day Pledge with the group of committed people in Fold Housing will only send the recycling statistics one way. The pledge will be extended across the full portfolio of sites over the next 12 months.

The goal is to achieve a greater recycling rate, a greater understanding of the significance of recycling to achieve the ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ Accrediatation.


If you would like more information on the Zero Project, please contact John Farrell, The City Bin Co. email john@citybin.com

Knight Frank continue their ‘Journey to Zero’

We engaged with the Knight Frank Green Team onsite at their HQ 6 months ago to investigate a way to handle their waste streams in a more effective manner.

Knight Frank’s senior management team under the supervision of Alison O Neill (Associate Director Property Asset Management) decided to investigate a way to recycle more and work to a ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ goal. A key part of this process was meeting with The City Bin Co. to understand how waste is being created in the building. A major issue was the non-labelling of bins and no other option available than the ‘black sack’.


Knight Frank’s Rowena Crowley (Director Property Asset Management) and Anna Koczarska (Facility Manager) with The City Bin Co.’s John Farrell.

Progress over the past few months…

  • the introduction of recycling bags
  • a new organic separation system the implementation of a compost bin along with the introduction of a glass bin.
  • Knight Frank now provide a breakfast and lunch option to all their team at HQ. This reduces the amount of waste being brought in at lunchtime and increases the amount of items being recycled.

The impact of this has been significant…

  • They have moved from all waste going to landfill to an effective recycling rate of 69% (as of 31.03.23).
  • The team are now better aligned with achieving the goal of Zero Waste to Landfill.


If you would like more information on the Zero Project, please contact John Farrell, The City Bin Co. email john@citybin.com