Customer Service, Measured!

Everything The City Bin Co. does is customer-centric. Decisions are taken with the customer in mind and systems are designed to facilitate great customer service. Customer feedback is communicated across the company from the CEO to the staff on the trucks who empty the bins.

That’s why we need a method for systematically measuring customer satisfaction and benchmarking ourselves against other companies. After looking at various options and running annual satisfaction surveys, it was decided that we would start using the Net Promoter Score to measure, analyse, and drive service improvements on a continuous basis.

The Net Promoter System is a management philosophy, a way of running a business. As a Net Promoter company, we are committed to specific processes and systems that help The City Bin Co. focus on earning the loyalty of both our customers and employees. Loyal, passionate customers use our excellent service longer, contribute with valuable suggestions, and share favourable comments with family, friends, and colleagues. Loyal, passionate employees love working here, come up with new ideas, and regularly go the extra mile to delight our customers. The Net Promoter Score allows us to measures loyalty and drives change across the company. However, implementing a Net Promoter system isn’t easy. It is a continuous process that requires commitment. The Net Promoter approach defines the cultural values that affect every aspect of a company’s business system and competitive strategy.


At The City Bin Co., you will find an in-house team member who manages the system and constantly analyses customers’ feedback. Detractors (those who answer 6 or less to the question: How likely are you to recommend The City Bin Co. to a neighbour, friend, or colleague?) are contacted immediately and the reason why that customer rated us low is addressed quickly. Special attention is also given to passive customers (those who rate us 7 or 8) and we are constantly looking for clues in their answers that would help us improve the service so they will experience an improvement in the service.

The power of NPS is not based on how high you scored on your first NPS survey, but on the subsequent impact, it has on employees becoming focused on improving the score. An increase in NPS score means you are getting more referrals and higher customer satisfaction. And that is a massive motivational factor. The City Bin Co. surveys a sample of customers monthly so we can continually address any issues and improve the company’s processes to deliver a better service.


And with a score that regularly exceeds 60 – we’re in pretty good company!