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The men that collect my bins a few weeks ago, changed my bin when I left out the wrong one. I think they went above and beyond their job👏👏👏 so I made it my business to thank them and told my social media friends about them. Some changed to your company. Well done!
B Dennan (by email 25/06/2022)

I forgot to put our bin out last night as kids have been sick all week and not getting much sleep – I realised as I heard the trucks pull off this morning. It was such a welcome surprise to find that the bin had still been emptied and returned to our driveway. Sincere thanks to the crew this morning
N Salter (by email 23/06/2022)

Just keep doing what you are doing. City bin trucks are very polite to other cars held up behind them on our narrow streets. They make room where possible to let cars go by. Also if they keep returning the bins back to the gardens/gates that allows elderly mobility scooters & prams to pass by. Just keep doing it 👍😀
L Moody (by email 22/06/2022)


I really felt I had to let you know about the exceptional city bin worker that collected my bins this morning. I am recovering from surgery and I have limited mobility and when I went out to take my emptied bin back from the City bin Worker immediately brought my bin back into my driveway for me. When I thanked him for doing this for me his reply was “not at all it’s my pleasure I hope you have a lovely day”. I have only recently changed over to City Bin and I have to say this young man’s kind gesture made my day and validated my decision to change over. It was service I couldn’t have ever even dreamt of from your competitor. Thank you
R Donohue (by email 08/06/2022)

I can’t really think of anything. It’s an excellent service and I couldn’t fault it. It seems it’s only the companies providing really good service that look for feedback. I never get emails like this from the broadband provider!
C Rix (by email 20/05/2022)

I just want to say Thanks to the Citybin collection guys this morning. I hadn’t my bins pulled out to the front as I normally do, but (I assume) they spotted the two left at the side of my house and went to the trouble of collecting them anyway… such a good service! Please pass on my gratitude!
E Holden (by email 10/05/2022)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the extremely hard workers at City bin. Each and every week without fail my bins are collected and placed back in the spot where I had left them. City bins customer service really is the best. I will continue to highly recommend the company. Thanks again for everything and please thank you for being pure professionals.
S Battle (by email 05/05/2022)

Hi, I am an existing customer. My little girl and I have been waving out to your employees every Wednesday morning for a while now. I can’t really remember when it started but Katie just turned two and our weekly bin lorry wave is a major highlight. We run to the window as soon as we hear the lorry and the guys are just amazing. They wave, smile and make my little girl’s day. They are all great representatives of your company. Job well done to the City Bin team!!
T Bane (by email 29/04/2022)

I would like to say THANK YOU! HUGE THANK YOU! to all of you at The City Bin Co. for the amazing support we have received from you during our Donations for Ukraine project. Both here at the Smakoteka store collection point, and also at the Galway Racecourse. We are honestly so touched and grateful to the owners, management, to Eibhin [Killilea] for all his support and checking on us daily. He was honestly so great! And also to the drivers but especially Paul [O’Gorman] – who was working outside of hours to help us and did it all with a smile and just lovely attitude! Such an amazing team you have there! Well done! We wouldn’t be able to run this project without the people of Galway, our Galway community and you playing a big part in it. And I just want you to acknowledge that. So thank you so much again!
K Zaranek (by email 25/04/2022)

Having used the 3 main domestic waste companies in Dublin my experience with CityBin has always been superior to that offered by their competitors. The customer support response is aimed at the customer and not at defending the company rules. Both domestic and commercial teams provided a human and interactive response. Oh… and they collect the bins well and return them to where they were placed, rather than just anywhere!
R Boxshall (by email 11/03/2022)

Why only one thing? From a phone call to delivery men and all in between, everything is top notch. ALWAYS. Never any fake excuses or mistakes. An efficient operation and consistently great. THANK YOU!
N Tak, Rasam (by email 20/07/2021)

Love the way you Operate. Very reliable, plus you are very considerate to your customers, bins are put back in the same place, plus if I have a problem with my payments it’s sorted straight away. So you are the most reliable company.
L Clarke (by email 03/09/2021)

It’s a great service. And when I’ve had extra cardboard packaging the lads on the truck have always taken it for me. They put the bins back at the garden wall and not left all over the road like other companies. And a skip hire service now too. Brilliant.
E Higgins (by email 06/09/2021)

Excellent customer service. Was a few hours late leaving out my bins and l rang the company and they took them no problem. Reasonable rates. Just they oblige, where some other bin companies wouldn’t. They also do an easy payments plan. I’m happy with City Bin!
L Burke (by email 08/09/2021)

Never have a problem with my bin collection. Also ordered a skip with you guys last week and it was quick, easy and prompt. My sister will be signing up with you as a new customer. Keep up the good work.
F McLoughlin (online survey 17/07/2020)

Very efficient. Good price. Never had a problem since we started our account with City Bin Co. recommended you to our son when he bought his house.
A Hickey (online survey 17/07/2020)

I would just like to sent a note of thanks to the collection team who complete the Finnstown collections on Tuesday morning. The professionalism and friendliness of the team is second to none. Our little 1 year old is delighted every Tuesday to see the lads as they wave and beep at him through the window.

 Please pass on our gratitude!
H Smyth (online survey 17/07/2020)

There is always someone at the end of the phone. On the odd time a collection is missed ( for any reason) they always do it the same day, or the next day, at the latest. Thank you.
B Mulhaire (online survey 13/07/2020)

You always take my extra green waste I put out in clear bags. Thank you for that. And your customer service staff are so friendly and helpful.
S Dunne (online survey 13/07/2020)

Anytime I needed to contact you there was a human on the phone that answered any queries there and then. That’s something companies have forgotten – the human touch
C Meade (online survey 13/07/2020)

Thank you for your prompt collection. Your driver [Paul O’Gorman] was friendly and helpful. Good service and will be recommending to others.
J Moylan (by email 13/07/2020)

The staff are fantastic and very helpful. This stems from an encounter I had with the bin collector.I forgot to put my bin out, I heard the truck downstairs. I got up and went to my balcony and I called the guy from afar, he asked which is mine and pulled it out for me. That meant a lot to me because he doesn’t have to.
Pity I didn’t get the guys name, he is a gentleman.
A Yisa (online survey 10/07/2020)

I appreciate the way that the operatives leave the road neat and all of the bins put back against the walls. The bins are never in the way of people who are in a wheelchair or who may be visually impaired.
J McDonough (online survey 10/07/2020)

No hassles. Having to keep an acc. & topped up all the time while these companies make lots from the interest on the monies sitting in their acc’s. Also small detail’s, bins put back exactly where they were picked up. V. Tidy 🙂
L Ryan (online survey 10/07/2020)

Our bins are put out each Wednesday night and are lifted each Thursday morning without fail. This is precisely the service we require and you have provided this to us for a number of years in an efficient manner so I can’t think of any improvements to what we currently enjoy. Keep up the good work and thank you for this very important service.
L & M Hayden (online survey 09/07/2020)

I love how tidy your bin men are, my neighbour is not with you and I am forever having to move her bins from in front of my driveway and it does my head in. Your lads are always very courteous and prompt. And you are competitively priced.
M Perry (online survey 09/07/2020)

I really feel the need to contact you and thank you all for doing such a great job, but I sincerely wish to thank the very kind men [Anthony Diviney, Steven Brennan & Charles McGowan] that arrived at my house last Thursday morning on the 2nd July. These VERY kind men noticed that I had forgotten to leave out my bins the night before. When I woke to the sound of the bins being emptied outside I raced down the stairs to find that they had taken it upon themselves to bring out not just the bin they were collecting but both my green and brown bins which are visible at the side of my house. I do not know their names, but the driver had a beard. This really means a lot to me as my recycling bin is ALWAYS full. Sometimes it’s the little things and acts of kindness that mean the most!.
S McBride (by email 09/07/2020)

Very pleasant staff. All waved to and beeped at a little boy outside my house on Monday. He was so excited. Little gestures make the biggest impact.
P Eagney (online survey 08/07/2020)