Temple Street, Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Pieta House, Irish Cancer Society, Galway Hospice, Simon Community, Special Olympics… Just some of the Charities that benefit weekly from The City Bin Co.’s GivDay program.

Business can’t be just about financial results. There needs to be something more.
GivDay, our online charity platform, is our way of giving back.


When we set up GivDay in 2016 the first thing we did was to ask each employee in the company two simple questions – what charity they would support? and more importantly – why?

What surprised us was that as well as nominating some well-known charities, many people opted to choose lesser-known, smaller charities. What we discovered was that there was always a story behind these choices – a friend, family member who had a connection with the charity, or benefited from its care. This is the real power of GivDay. The charities benefit, society benefits, everybody benefits…

To date, The City Bin Co.’s employees have pledged over €70,000 of company funds to 37 deserving charities.

So, if you have a (registered) charity that you think should be added to our list – please feel free to get in touch. And, if you’d like to learn more about our GivDay program, grab a coffee & check out the video above.