The Great Wall of WOWs!

WOW image

The City Bin Co. stands out when it comes to providing amazing service experiences.

The service in question just happens to be waste collection. The City Bin Co.’s promise to customers: Job Done! We will do the job right each and every time; you will never have to listen to excuses or sad stories! However, the company isn’t singing about this from the rooftops. No sir! Their customers are the ones doing all the singing!

The company receives unsolicited written praise from their customers on a regular basis. In fact, it would be unfair to refer to these as testimonials, as they say so much more. The City Bin Co. has renamed these tributes, good news stories, and compliments as WOWs. One happy customer was so wowed by the service that she was inspired to write a poem about The City Bin Co. The WOW captures the sentiments of the customers sending them. They have been wowed by an excellent service experience delivered by The City Bin Co. The company was getting so many of these WOWs that the CEO, Gene Browne, decided to routinely circulate the WOWs by email to all staff as a means of sharing the customers’ appreciation.

Things have evolved since then and now The City Bin Co. have created and copyrighted, its own social media-inspired icon. There is an interactive on-line WOW page and to top it all off there is a Great Wall of WOW on display at the company’s headquarters. The WOW!’s comprise a variety of complimentary messages and cover topics ranging from prompt service, going over and above to help a customer, clarity of the communications, kind words for the friendly and well-mannered staff, and more. The Great Wall of WOW yells that this is a service company that really cares about its customers.

It also tells us that The City Bin Co. doesn’t merely have satisfied customers, The City Bin Co. has Fans.