New Book on Customer Service


From the back of the bin truck to best-selling business author, The City Bin Co.’s Oisin Browne is launching his third book ‘The Binman’s Guide to Amazing Customer Service’ on 27th November 2020.

3D RHSFollowing on from his debut in 2013 on the theme of Selling, and his second book on the subject of Marketing, Oisin’s third book in the series brings the attention back to providing ‘amazing customer experiences’. With over 20 years working in Sales, Marketing, and Key Account Management in the Waste Management industry, in both Ireland and the Middle East, Oisin shares a wealth of ideas, inspirations, and interviews that will give the readers a good guide on how to put proven best practices and team training into any business process that will lead to amazing customer service.

All ready to be launched in March of this year when the country went into the first lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic the book was temporarily shelved, but as the days, weeks and months went on, Oisin realised it was not going to be possible to have an in-person book launch this year. At the outset of the second lockdown, Oisin decided not to let the pandemic stop the launch as it has already stopped far too many other things happening this year. Although this is a tough time for many businesses, more than ever there is a need for the delivery of customer service to be amazing. With that in mind, the new book will launch on the 27th of November 2020.

‘The Binman’s Guide to Amazing Customer Service’ focuses on the key activities employees can deliver on, and actions to make a big difference to the customer’s experience. Oisin shares learnings from his own experience in Ireland and beyond, bringing you on a journey inside the customer service habits of many successful companies around the globe – from a taxi company in New York, to a public toilet business in Spain, to coffee shops of the Middle East.

The book covers everything from best customer service practices, how to turn complaints into compliments, to an invaluable collection of interviews on the subject of customer service with business leaders from around the world.

‘The Binman’s Guide to Amazing Customer Service’ can be pre-ordered on Amazon Kindle today, and will be available along with the paperback on the 27th November on Amazon. It will be stocked in Charlie Byrne’s in Galway and Hanna’s Bookshop in Dublin.