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City Bin ...have great customer service and have supported us to improve our recycling rates, which in turn has helped reduce our bills but more importantly, has helped the planet!

- Amanda Deaton - ChildVision -

ChildVision is Ireland’s only dedicated centre for children with sight loss, some of whom also have profound sensory impairments and additional disabilities. They provide educational services, clinical services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Problems existing before starting their sustainability journey

  • Before starting to work with The City Bin Co., ChildVision had a one bin fits all system i.e General Waste bins all over the campus. The school were producing over 40 tons of general waste per year, meaning that a large amount waste was ending up in landfill. Heavy general waste bins also meant ChildVision’s waste bills were higher than they should have been.


How did The City Bin Co. help?

  • To relieve the pain of high waste bills and to increase ChildVision’s recycling rates, The City Bin Co. installed colour-coded bins for each waste stream across campus.
  • We worked with ChildVision to carry out waste segregation training with staff and pupils in order to maintain a greener environment for all involved.


What results have ChildVision seen so far?

  • In 2019 Child Vison diverted over 17 tonnes away from landfill with help from The City Bin Co. This was in total 40% of their waste production for 2019. In 2020 Child Vision diverted over 13 tonnes away from landfill*. This was 48% of their total waste production. ChildVision increased recycling rates by 8% from year 1 to year 2 of The Zero Project. Everyone at ChildVision has taken the training on board and the school has become more environmentally aware, doing their upmost to continue to recycle as much as possible.

*COVID affected this school so there were 14 tonnes less produced in total versus 2019 but their recycling habits had improved from year 1, 2019.


Ongoing 2021 Plans

  • ChildVision aims to continue improving marginal gains and have set the goal of achieving a recycling rate of over 50% for 2021.

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