45 Mespil Road gets Zero Award for Sustainability Efforts

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...over 90% of waste generated onsite is recyclable

- John Farrell -

The City Bin Co. was brought onto 45 Mespil Road, a site boasting 50,000 square feet of prime standalone office space overlooking Grand Canal, owned by Davy Target Investments and managed by Melinda Muntean from Knight Frank, in Q3 2020 to manage waste and kickstart the sustainability journey.

This site is a newbuild and currently has 2 active tenants: Amryt Pharmaceuticals and Ellucian.

October 2020

  • The City Bin Co. worked with Knight Frank to organise bin types onsite to cover all the waste streams generated. Today there are 4 bin types in operation; General Waste, Recycling, Glass and Organic.
  • The City Bin Co. commenced working with the cleaning company onsite (Moore Cleaning Services). We have identified that over 90% of waste generated onsite is recyclable, with a nominal amount of general waste being generated due to current snagging of the building.

January 2021

  • Bin store installed into the site’s basement, with clear labelling on all bins to ensure proper waste segregation, leading to increased recycling rates.

Ongoing 2021 Plans

  • Training to be provided to all tenants onsite to ensure the building is scoring highly in waste segregation and recycling management.

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