The Oval – a Zero Project success story

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The Zero Waste plan has been successfully implemented, and currently, the site has seen an 84% reduction in weekly general waste.

- John Farrell -

The Oval is one of about 12 sites that The City Bin Co. and Knight Frank are working on specifically with regard to waste management. The site is owned by Patrizia AG and managed by Knight Frank. The estate manager on behalf of Knight Frank is Ciaran McDonnell.

In August 2020, The City Bin Co. began working as The Oval’s sustainability partner making changes to The Oval’s waste management system to increase recycling rates, whilst making cost savings at the same time. We agreed the Zero Waste roadmap to success with The Oval team. The Zero Waste plan has been successfully implemented, and currently, the site has seen an 84% reduction in weekly general waste.

August 2020

  • We introduced colour-coded bins into The Oval’s waste storage area, clearly defining waste streams to allow for more recycling. Through carrying out onsite training with Knight Frank and the individual tenants in the building, including Centra, Eirgrid, WeWork, Starbucks, and Tableau, we demonstrated ways to easily reduce waste and recycling.

October 2020

  • The waste and recycling streams were developed further, and The Oval now have glass bins, organic bins, recycling bins, general waste bins, a baler for baling cardboard, and a cage specifically for WEEE waste. The introduction of more waste streams has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the amount of general waste being presented onsite.

November 2020

  • We carried out training with Knight Frank’s cleaning company, Cagney Contract Cleaning, specifying what goes into what bin and why. This proved to be an outstanding success with even less materials going into the general waste bin.
  • We engaged directly with Centra at The Oval and separated their bins from the communal area, providing them with direct data on usage, helping them tackle the amount of food waste being dumped by their team. The City Bin Co. have advised Mark Coughlan, and his Centra team about how to save money on waste, portion control and control on food preparation.

January 2021

  • We engaged with The Oval’s landscape company and Knight Frank to build a compost site in the rear garden. By making use of Starbuck’s spent coffee grinds and mixing it with some plant and grass cuttings to make compost, The Oval has been developing a beautiful wildflower garden that houses a number of hives of native Irish bees. The compost that they are producing is used to grow flowers that the bees are using to produce honey. Last year there were about 100 jars of honey produced from this site.

March 2021

  • We started working on organising specific bins for other tenants onsite, such as Eirgrid. Eirgrid wants to see personalized data relating to their waste streams. This system is going live on May 1st 2021 and monthly reporting will follow.

April 2021

  • The Oval was accredited with The City Bin Co.’s Zero Project Certificate, officially being a zero waste to landfill site.

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