4 Reasons to Hire a Skip for your DIY Projects

If you have ever undertaken any type of home renovation job before, you will know that even a seemingly minor DIY project is no walk in the park. Bearing this in mind, and to make the job more efficient and as easy as possible for yourself, we highly recommend hiring our skip hire Dublin service. Not only can a skip help make your life easier, but you could be helping the environment too! Read more to see how our skip hire Dublin offers are the best solution…


Home renovations demand quite a lot of space. Not only do you need room for tools, equipment, and the like, but you also need to move any waste materials out of the way. Instead of letting clutter pile up, a skip will allow you to clear out the junk as you go, creating more space for you to work away, instead of having to pause every 10 minutes to clear space. Having a skip will help keep your space organised, especially if you want to hire a skip for a garden renovation. However, even if you’re renovating your living room, it still makes things a lot easier to have one place to pile your bulkier waste. Our skip hire Dublin offers come in two sizes – perfect for many types of jobs.


Tying in closely with our last point, renovations are messy by nature and sometimes quite unpredictable. The debris from renovations can include pipes, plaster and other sharp materials, which can make it arguably a lot more dangerous than typical garden waste. You do not want these waste materials lying around for someone to trip over. Our skip hire Dublin service for your DIY renovation will make things a lot easier, and safer, by removing the most dangerous elements from your immediate area.

We will help you choose the correct skip size to best fit your need

There is nothing more annoying than running out of space for your waste in the middle of a clear-out, or renovation. Here at The City Bin Co., we have different skip sizes, and our skip hire Dublin team will be able to guide you in deciding the best skip hire fit for your job. We have mini skips for smaller jobs and larger skips for bigger projects. This way, you won’t need to worry about running out of space during your skip hire duration, and similarly, you will have peace of mind about getting the cheapest skip hire solution suitable.

It’s quick and effortless to get rid of waste when you’re done

Home renovations and clear-outs are tough enough, without having to worry about what you’re going to do about all the waste acquired. Without claiming that hiring a skip will eliminate the clean up entirely, having one receptacle to put all your waste into, will keep the effort required to a minimum. Your clean-up will be done in no time.

As a bonus, when you hire a skip from The City Bin Co. you can rest assured that as many materials as possible will be recycled. We have committed ourselves to ultimately diverting 100% of waste from landfill, so none of your waste will end up there! You can click here to find out more about our skip hire Dublin service.

Last-update of the article: 07/02/2020.