4 Easy Ways To Save Money With Your Brown ‘Organic’ Bin

Recycling is one of the most positive ways for us to have an impact on the world in which we live. 

We read the papers and watch the news where we witness the well-documented consequences on the global ecosystem as the world’s population grows and produces increasing amounts of waste.  Indeed, we have seen unusual weather patterns ourselves over the past months and years.

In today’s world of bin collection, the smart choice to use the brown and green bins to their fullest will determine the impact not just on the environment but on personal finance.  The main cost to your bin collection is based on the weight of your black general waste bin, therefore keeping the use of this bin to a minimum keeps your prices down. Saving money with your brown bin is not just about the food waste that goes into the bin, it’s about the good habits and routines you built around using them.


Here are 4 Easy Ways to Save Money with Your Brown ‘Organic’ Bin:


  • Think inside out: Use three bins inside your house to match the ones outside.  Make recycling easy and general waste hard.  Most waste is generated in the kitchen so put the recycling bins close by and leave the general waste bin a bit further away.  Harder to get to means less use!  For example, try to have your two recycling bins close to the sink and put your waste bin at the back door!


  • Labels: Placing labels on your bins empowers you to make the right choices at the right times. You don’t have to be worried if you’re a little sleepy in the morning when emptying the peelings of your kiwi or when you are throwing out the empty cereal box. The signs will guide you. A great idea is to put pictures on the labels.


  • Responsibility: Have one person in charge of bringing the bins from the inside bins to the wheelie bins outside and putting the bins out on your bin collection day. They can check and correct any contamination found while carrying out the chore and also pinpoint any patterns that may arise to other users. This brings a sense of ownership and pride to the recycling process.


  • Measure Your Recycling Success:  As the old saying goes, “if you measure it then you will improve it”.  Make your recycling results visible by posting them on the fridge or on the wall above the bins. Everyone can see the fruits of their efforts.  The City Bin Co’s, “Bindex” is your monthly recycling report showing you all your recycling stats over the previous months. The month on month comparison chart should keep you on your toes!