What if mistakes are made with my Direct Debit?

There are a number of measures and guarantees in place to safeguard you against genuine mistakes. Firstly, you are protected by the Direct Debit scheme rules. If at any time money is debited from your account incorrectly, the Banks and Building Societies guarantee to refund it. Secondly, no changes to the date, frequency or amount can be made without notifying you in advance of your account being debited (we do this on your bill). Thirdly, you have the right to instruct your Bank or Building Society to refuse a Direct Debit by writing in good time to them. And finally, you have the right to cancel any Direct Debit at any time simply by writing in good time to us or your Bank or Building Society. A copy of these safeguards will be included in our confirmation letter. Refunds, where applicable, will be paid no later than 30 days of any error being reported.