The Power Of The Red Bins!

Red image

Red is the colour of The City Bin Co.’s bins, skips, trucks, uniforms, and logo.

Colour psychology 
is a term you don’t hear too often in business, yet the creative amongst us fly the flag for the power of colour and the effect it may or may not have on customer engagement. Red is powerful, eye-catching and enthusiastic. Red is a primary colour that gets noticed with it’s warm, exciting, and strong virtues. You only have to look at companies such as Virgin and Coca-Cola to see the values of red. Red stands out. The red bins of The City Bin Co. have become part of the personality of the company by being easily noticed and making the brand instantly recognizable. The Red bins say, ‘We are a company that is different’.

According to John Williams, founder and president of, who created brand standards for Fortune 100 companies like Mitsubishi. ‘Red activates your pituitary gland, increasing your heart rate and causing you to breathe more rapidly. This visceral response makes red strong and energetic.’ You can count on our red bins to evoke a passionate response!

What colour do you associate with your business or yourself?