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Surmodics replaced outdoor and indoor fluorescent lights with LED lights. This has resulted in a total carbon saving of 25.5 tonnes

- John Farrell -

Surmodics, a leading medical device company based in Ballinasloe, started their sustainability journey with The City Bin Co. in February 2021. Surmodics identified the need to increase recycling rates and their sustainability efforts, whilst reducing costs, and therefore kickstarted The Zero Project.

 Prior to February 2021

  • Surmodics was using a number of 1100 litre bins for both general waste and recycling. The bins were many different colours and therefore caused confusion in terms of waste segregation, which resulted in low recycling rates. 
  • Surmodics’ site is rather large, and was producing enormous amounts of grass, which was being tended to by a tractor lawn mower. This was resulting in high carbon emissions.

February 2021

  • Surmodics kickstarted their sustainability journey with The Zero Project. 
  • The City Bin Co. installed Front End Loader (FEL) bins onsite. The type of waste generated by Surmodics is dry industrial and therefore a good fit for the FEL bins. The waste is removed and transported to a recycling depot where it is sorted and either reused or recycled, helping Surmodics divert waste from landfill.
  • Surmodics replaced outdoor and indoor fluorescent lights with LED lights. This has resulted in a total carbon saving of 25.5 tonnes, and there is no longer any fluorescent gas or lamps waste to dispose of. 
  • Introduced light sensors that control 95% of Surmodics’ lights, ensuring lights automatically switch off during quieter times, saving energy. 
  • Surmodics started working towards going paperless by introducing an e-signature, creating a paperless accounts payment system. 
  • Surmodics provided keep cups and re-usable water bottles for their employees, cutting down on unneeded waste. 

March 2021

  • The City Bin Co. carried out a waste audit onsite and put a plan together to ensure segregation of waste. 
  • Surmodics have stopped working with a landscape gardener for their few acres of grass, and introduced the Mobot, an electric robot lawnmower. The Mobot does not waste grass and does not require fuel to cut the grass. This has resulted in carbon savings of 0.6 tonnes for the site.  

Ongoing 2021 Plans

  • Ensuring the Zero Project standard is held amongst employees – providing training to make the team more aware of the impact of their business moving towards zero waste to landfill. 

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