Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will the service start?


How do I cancel the service with my old collector?


What time do I leave out my waste and recycling?


Are the bins the same as the other Waste Company?


Can you tell me my Recycling Rates?


What is the ‘brown’ organic bin?


How is the bin weighed?


Can I get a text reminder to leave my bin out?


What is e-billing?


What is The City Bin Co. Bill of Rights?


Can The City Bin Co. manage my bulky items?


What can I not put into my bin?


How do I pay?


What is a Direct Debit?


How can you set up a direct debit without my signature?


What if I am concerned over the security of information?


What if mistakes are made with my Direct Debit?


What is a Fair Usage Policy?


How do I know the weighing equipment is calibrated correctly?


What happens if my bins are stolen?


How can you collect two bins at once with just one truck?


How can I contact you?


Can I change from my existing plan?


Can I cancel my contract with The City Bin Co. at any time?