Fair Usage Policy

What is it?

We include this policy with our price plans (we make it very clear when you sign up if such a policy applies to your plan). This is our way of giving you great value while keeping it fair for you and The City Bin Co. We have built these plans using our experience on how much waste a home produces given the number of people living there. We only charge when you dispose of weight in excess of the threshold allowance of waste in the grey (landfill) or brown (organic) bin.

How is it charged?

For those that exceed their monthly weight limit, we do not apply the charge on the first occasion, but instead we will provide you with one month’s notice before it is charged. Afterwards, we apply the Fair Usage Policy in full.Price plans with a Fair Usage Policy have a monthly weight allowance depending on the price plan you are on. If you exceed your monthly allowance we charge you for this excess weight. 30c per kg for General waste and 20c per kg for Organic waste will be automatically added to your bill. On average, most General Waste bins weigh less than 30kg, and Organic Waste bins average at 20kg which is why we consider these monthly weight allowances to be a fair balance for you.

Why is it charged?

When we take away your waste, it is very expensive to dispose of it.  We are charged to get rid of waste based on weight and the government also applies additional taxes and levies.  This is the biggest cost for a business like ours.  Our policy is put into place to ensure that customers will use the services responsibly and appropriately.