From the very start Gene Browne, CEO of The City Bin Co, planted the seeds that would instil an ethos of excellent customer service throughout company. Gene, a Quality  Management Specialist, along with Glenn Ward started a waste collection company. They had one truck, two customers and four bins. As they looked around the waste industry they saw that something very important was missing, a quality customer experience. From that day in 1997 they changed the waste industry forever. They entered an industry that had been stagnant for decades. Immediately, they catapulted the industry into the future by focusing on service rather than waste thus aligning the business with their purpose of providing Excellent Customer Experiences.

The City Bin Co has a philosophy that encourages all staff to WOW their customers with service thus allowing the company to live towards its mission to be the Global Service Leader in the industry. It just happens to be waste collection.


When you see the vast collection of awards that adorn the foyer of The City Bin Co's headquarters in Galway, Ireland you can only be impressed with the consistent level of achievement that the business has attained. Within ten months of starting the business in 1997 they became the first waste collection company in Ireland to receive ISO 9000 accreditation and a year later The City Bin Co. were awarded the Index of Excellence from Excellence Ireland. The City Bin Co. was the overall winner of the Marketing Institute's 2001 Marketing Awards for Business and Gene Browne, CEO was the overall Winner of the 2002 Marketing Institute’s ‘Marketing Person of the Year’. In recent years The City Bin Co has won the Deloitte Best Managed Companies (Ireland) Award  in 2009, 2010, 2011 & the Gold Standard Award in 2012. Why does this matter? It sets the bar in creating an excellent level service for customers, it differentiates The City Bin Co. from competitors and reinforces to employees that they are doing a great job. Like the actor who gets an Oscar for delivering a quality performance, The City Bin Co. has made the practice of excellent performance part of its culture. The big winner is the customer.

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The City Bin Co. has a Job Done! brand promise for all its customers. It reads "we will do the job right, each and every time. You will never have to listen to excuses or sad stories and if we break our promise then you don't pay". If you need to hire a skip or simply want your waste collected by a highly professional and reliable team, The City Bin Co. is dedicated to delivering just that. You can check out what our customers have to say about the service at